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Global Sights For Worthy Australian Design 

Worthy is proud to be collaborating with Australian furniture and lighting designer Chris Hardy.  Their first project together is to source a high-calibre, cost effective manufacturer for Hardy’s ‘Langdon’ Armchair. 

Langdon is an elegant armchair that, because of the product’s simplicity, works well in a wide variety of contexts.  The basic form of Langdon falls in line with the 20th century paradigm of traditional European timber armchair construction.  It has been developed with a process-led approach to design.  The visual language of all its frame components can be characterised as a ribbon-like square section of solid timber.  All junctions in the frame are visually softened using a small elbow cut into the different sections to create gentle and easily manufacturable transitions.

In the case of Worthy’s project with Hardy, they are exploring suitable production craftsmen in Eastern Europe with high volume, hi-tech production capabilities.  They are also motivated by manufacturing closer to the source of a broader variety of plantation grown timbers such as European Ash, Beech & Oak.  From there, Worthy will focus on introducing Hardy and the Langdon to a network of contract dealers around the world to achieve global sales traction and recognition.  Own World will retail the Langdon collection in Australia.

“We feel this type of consultancy role is new for Australia” says Quintal-Norris, director if Worthy.  “In some ways we hope the services offered by Worthy will give Australian designers an international platform - not necessarily having to leave our shores to “make it big”.  Worthy aims to act as the conduit that will launch them globally and take-on some of the business side of product manufacturing and global distribution.  This way our designers can keep their energies charged for more creative pursuits.”

Sit test the Langdon Armchair at Own World: 5/50 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney (02) 9358 1155 or visit

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